• ALCI Award Winning Garden!

    Association of Landscape Contractors of Ireland (ALCI) award winning garden, Churchtown, Ireland

  • Driveway Planting

    Small grassed area with lighting and flower beds, Churchtown, Dublin

  • Shaded Garden Path

    Shaded garden path with roll out lawn and mature planting, Churchtown, Dublin

  • Garden Lighting

    Landscaped garden with flower bed lighting, Churchtown, Dublin

  • Mature Planting

    Garden with roll out lawn, flower bed lighting and mature planting, Churchtown, Dublin

  • Mature Planting

    Narrow flower bed with mature planting, Churchtown, Dublin

  • Flower Beds with Lighting

    Wild flower beds with mature planting and lighting, Churchtown, Dublin

  • Flower Beds and Winding Path

    Dense flower bed with winding path and lighting, Churchtown, Dublin

  • North Facing Garden

    North facing garden with planting perfect for more shaded garden areas, Churchtown, Dublin

  • Roll Out Lawn

    Roll out lawn with surrounding beds, hard landscaping and lighting, Churchtown, Dublin

August 5, 2015
  • ACLI Award Winning
  • High impact planting

This north facing garden showcases colourful,l high impact planting. The planting connects visually across the site and has lot of volume, colour and movement.

The garden is designed to give interest throughout the year, with spring bulbs, perennials, roses, grasses, ferns and evergreens.

This is an ALCI Award winning garden.